Asset Management


Sterling Pacific provides a variety of Asset Management Services necessary for leasing commercial aircraft. We recognize the importance placed on managing the risks associated with aircraft leasing. Our client’s financial health and stability depends upon preserving asset value throughout lease terms.

Sterling Pacific’s Asset Management Services are the foundation on which our company is built. At Sterling Pacific we work with the client to manage assets, find solutions, and maintain asset value while maintaining quality and efficiency.


  • FAA DAR Services
  • Delivery/Redelivery Technical Support
  • Demonstration and Repositioning Flight Services
  • Operator Liaison
  • Operator/Maintenance Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance Recommendations
  • Pre-purchase inspections and records audits
  • Pre-termination Inspections
  • Re-marketing Support
  • Asset Transfer
  • Delivery Cost Analysis
  • Aircraft and Records Recovery
  • Lease Compliance Audits