About Sterling Pacific – Established 1907 in Reno, NV

We manufacture full-aluminum travel cases from 5052 and A380 aluminum, two alloys used in the construction of aircraft and in aerospace engineering.

Sterling Pacific travel cases feature Impact Bearing Ridges on the front and back of the case (United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent no.29/729,547), and full-grain Italian leather handles, handcrafted from leather by an independent tannery based out of the small town of Chiampo in the Italian region of Veneto.

Supported by dual thru axle wheels and a full-aluminum construction including the wheel and trolley housings, Sterling Pacific travel cases remain the most heavy duty cases on the market, designed by a team of American and European workers.

The origins of Sterling Pacific date back to June 22nd of 1907 when Richard Herz and his sons Carl Otto and Rudolph registered the company to open up their business, initially with a focus on jewelry and watches.

Reno International Airport – Courtesy of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
(Image courtesy of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority)

The Herz family, native of Leipzig, arrived in Nevada after years filled with travel, having worked in Dresden, Vienna, Budapest and London before making the journey across the Atlantic. Remembered as true Nevada pioneers, the Herz family built their business to become a local staple over decades. In the later years the company began operating under the Sterling Pacific banner, the name it still proudly bears today, manufacturing traditional full-aluminum travel cases inspired by the travels of the late Herz family of German origin.

More recently, Sterling Pacific received a capital injection from Galton Voysey to help revitalize the brand, ensuring the continuation of the Reno based institution, proudly bearing the Sterling Pacific banner on the most premium aluminum suitcases in the market.

Sterling Pacific offers full-service repairs at daily rates through our Reno, NV Service Center:

Sterling Pacific
1 East Liberty Street
Reno, NV 89501
United States

By appointment only.

To book an appointment, or to inquire about rates, email repairs@sterlingpacific.com with the following details:

-Your full name
-Proof of purchase
-Batch Identification Number (engraved onto the exterior frame of the case)