The suitcase on Obliterated (Netflix)

Q: What is the suitcase on the serie Obliterated (on Netflix) used to carry the bomb? Is it a real brand you can buy?

A: Yes. The suitcase on Obliterated is a Sterling Pacific.

Sterling Pacific manufactures full aluminum luggage from 5052 aluminum with reinforced A380 corners for pilots and frequent flyers.

Sterling Pacific on OBLITERATED Netflix

 (Image from the Netflix serie OBLITERATED (2023))

Q: How did the bag get picked up for the show? Was it a sponsored placement?

A: We don't know. It was not sponsored. We are looking forward to seeing the show when it airs.

Q: What models of the Sterling Pacific luggage are available for consumers?

A: Two models:

Sterling Pacific 35L Travel Case (Carry On)


Sterling Pacific 80L Travel Case (Check In)

Sterling Pacific travel cases are available on this website and at 45+ Authorized Retail Partners around the world.

Sterling Pacific Carry On and Check In Luggage