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35L Cabin Travel Case

Rating: 4.918918918 out of 5
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  • Full 5052 Aluminum Body with Impact Bearing Ridges
  • Reinforced A380 Aluminum Corners
  • A380 Aluminum Wheel Housings
  • A380 Aluminum Trolley Housing
  • Retractable Aluminum Trolley
  • Italian Full-Grain Leather Handles
  • Extruded 6063 Aluminum Frame
  • Dual Thru Axle Wheels
  • TSA Double Combination Latch Locks


  • Dimensions: 22.5" x 14" x 8.5"
  • Volume: 35L
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs

Maximum allowable carry-on size on major US airlines.

    4.9 / 5

    Full 5052 Aluminum Body with Impact Bearing Ridges

    The body of the Sterling Pacific travel cases is constructed from 5052 aluminum. Substantial hydraulic pressure is used to bend and shape the 1.2mm aluminum sheets to form the body.

    5052 aluminum is used in the aviation industry due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and formability.

    Reinforced A380 Aluminum Corners

    The load-taking corners of the travel case are reinforced with die cast A380 aluminum. These heavy duty corners are bucked into the body of the case with SAE 304 Stainless Steel Rivets.

    SAE 304 Stainless Steel Rivets

    Over a hundred SAE 304 Stainless Steel Rivets are individually riveted to hold together the corners, the body and the extruded 6063 aluminum frame of the case.

    The rivets have a shear strength of 26,000 pounds of weight per square inch.

    Italian Full-Grain Leather Handles

    The top and side handles of the case are from full-grain Italian leather. The leather comes from an independent tannery, based out of the small town of Chiampo in the Italian region of Veneto.

    As the most durable grade of leather used in long-lasting upholstery, Italian aniline full-grain leather develops a natural patina over time as opposed to wearing out. It contains the entire grain layer of the cowhide with its natural imperfections and marks.

    Dual Thru Axle Wheels

    The case has two 2.5-inch recessed wheels, built to withstand excessive wear and tear. The wheels sit into the body of the case to be able to take higher forces of impact.

    Retractable Aluminum Trolley & Housing

    The trolley handle retracts into a die-cast aluminum housing, one of the most unique features of the case, typically made from plastic by other luggage manufacturers.

    The top handle bar of the trolley is wrapped in Italian full-grain leather.

    The high-fatigue strength of the trolley prevents it from bucking or compressing.

    Double Combination Latch Locks

    The top lid can be secured to the deep trunk with a TSA-approved, double spring-loaded combination latch lock system, flanking the leather side handle of the case on each side.

    Ring Spun Twill Weave Lining

    The interior of the case is covered with ring spun twill weave lining.

    Contents of the suitcase can be secured with the interjecting buckle straps, and amenities can be stored in the mesh pocket on the lid.

    Additionally, the lid of the Check-In travel case houses two shoe pockets.

    Lifetime Warranty & Repair Service

    Every authentic Sterling Pacific travel case bears a Batch Identification Number, engraved onto the exterior frame and pressed onto the leather logo patch inside each case.

    Sterling Pacific provides a Lifetime Warranty & Repair Service covering defects and the main functionality of the case for the lifetime of the travel case for the original owner of the bag. Read more details here.

    Refer to your Batch Identification Number when contacting us regarding repairs & warranty.

    Amenity & Care Kit

    Each Sterling Pacific travel case comes with an Amenity & Care Kit, including:

    - Sterling Pacific Amenity Bag

    - Sterling Pacific Leather Care Wax & Cloth (1 oz, made in the USA)

    - Sterling Pacific Travel Case Manual

    - Sterling Pacific Aluminum Pen